Can the IRS Take My House If I Owe Taxes?

The IRS seizure of a primary residence is a pretty extreme measure but your home is NOT PROTECTED from IRS seizure by your state’s homestead laws. They’re the feds…THEY CAN AND WILL TAKE YOUR HOME if it’s in the best interest of the government to do so. IRS employees have been instructed to explore full payment of the debt in every case! Most tax payers have a long time to solve their tax problem before seizure. Get the equity out of your house by refinancing or selling it. If your credit is shot or you can’t refinance the home, it is time to get a local lawyer like me to put your best foot forward for some relief. I am tax lawyer Jordan Wilcox.

For legitimate and innovative ways to get some relief before the IRS takes your house, call Jordan Wilcox today at 801-657-5951.

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