Losing Sleep Over One of These Types of Tax Problems? Utah Attorney Jordan Wilcox Can Help You Rest Easier!

The IRS is a menacing organization. No matter how confident you may be, the power they hold over your family’s future is enough to shake you.

When you get a letter in the mail or hear the knock of the IRS at your door, your heart skips a beat. You paid what you thought you owed, but now they want more. Worse yet, the penalties they add on to your taxes could deplete your savings, leaving your family in a desperate situation.

If you are faced with one of the following types of tax problems, Utah tax attorney Jordan Wilcox can help.

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Tax Problem #1: Utah Payroll Taxes

As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats. You are manager, salesman and accountant. Unfortunately, wearing all of these hats can mean that you are forced to make difficult decisions on an almost daily basis. When one of those difficult decisions forces you to dip into the account you set aside to pay your payroll taxes in order to keep your doors open, the IRS could hit you hard.

When the IRS comes after you and your business for Utah payroll taxes, your business and family are both on the line.

The IRS views emergency use of payroll taxes as theft. Because you withhold money from your employees’ paychecks to pay these taxes, the IRS could potentially come after you with theft charges, landing you behind bars. In addition, you could face long-term financial punishment for not paying back your taxes.

You’re a good person and a hardworking business owner. You don’t deserve this kind of treatment. Often with payroll tax problems, the penalties don’t match the situation at hand.

Don’t expect the IRS to be sympathetic with your concerns. You are a top priority on its list, and the agent assigned to your case will come after you in full force. With help from tax attorney Jordan Wilcox, you can minimize how much the IRS and UTC are able to siphon from your business, family, and life.

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Tax Problem #2: Problems with IRS Officers

Most people audited by the IRS have an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to their case. This person’s number one job is to collect from you. Becoming your friend is not part of his assignment.

One of the sneaky ways tax collectors try to get more money out of you is by feigning sympathy toward your case. They act professionally, but work hard to win your trust. One common tactic they use is telling you that they have no power to modify your case. If you hear this, you can know with certainty that they are lying to you and that you cannot trust anything they tell you.

You’re a good person and standing up to IRS agents who are “only doing their job” is not easy. With help from attorney Jordan Wilcox, you can avoid having to feel the threat of the IRS agents while defending your family’s financial future.

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Tax Problem #3: Income Tax Problems

It’s surprising but true; the IRS has the power to garnish your wages and put a lien on your home without warning you about it.

If you’re like most Utah residents, the idea of living without a paycheck is downright terrifying. What is even more terrifying is the idea of having your credit score ruined while getting slammed with large penalties.

As frightening as all of this is, the IRS does not take any of it into consideration. That’s why it’s critical that you work with a tax attorney who will take your situation to heart and give you a strong defense against the IRS so you can prevent these devastating punishments from hurting your family.

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Tax Problem #4: Utah State Sales Tax Issues

Your business is your baby. Without it, you would not have the life you love, building your own company. But if you run into sales tax issues in Utah, your dreams of living the life of a business owner could come crashing down around you.

If you’re experiencing issues with sales taxes, you could lose your sales tax permit, and thereby also your business. Just as with payroll tax issues, the IRS and UTC could treat you as a thief, heightening the risk that you could do prison time if your sales tax problem is not resolved in the right way.

You can’t afford this and your family can’t live without you. With the guidance and support of attorney Jordan Wilcox, you don’t have to be threatened by unpaid sales taxes.

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There Is a Solution to Your Utah Tax Problems

You might not have ever imagined that you would be in a position where you needed an attorney. However, when you’re faced with problems from the IRS, this is the perhaps the most important time in your life to put the fears of hiring a lawyer aside and get the help you need.

With the guidance and support of tax attorney Jordan Wilcox, you can know with certainty that your tax problem is resolved in the best way possible. Contact the Law Offices of Jordan F. Wilcox, PC today to get started putting your life back together again.

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