Hate the Headache of Filing Tax Returns? Let us Help!

If you’re like most people in Utah, you probably don’t get excited about the idea of preparing and filing your Federal and state taxes each year. Depending on your situation, you may be dreading the looming April deadline or eagerly awaiting your return in the mail. No matter your situation, our team is here to help. In addition to our stellar legal services, The Law Offices of Jordan F. Wilcox now offers tax preparation and bookkeeping services to all of our clients in Salt Lake City.

Our Utah tax preparation professionals will save you both time and money this season with a simple process to take care of all of your preparation and filing needs. Our services include both individual and business tax preparation, planning, and filing. With the complexity and ever-changing nature of the tax code, you can’t afford to put your financial future in the hands of a software program. Let our professional CPAs prepare and file your State and Federal Returns this year.

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Personal Tax Preparation

A majority of US taxpayers believe having a professional prepare their return benefited them. Our Salt Lake City team includes CPAs and attorneys with a wealth of experience in the industry who are ready to help make the most of your returns this year. Our preparation service will not only help by saving you time, but it will also eliminate mistakes and issues that may catch the IRS' attention. By having our team handle your Federal and Utah filing, you can expect more on your return.

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Business Tax Preparation

As a Salt Lake City business owner, you're probably short on time. We can help by preparing your State and Federal income tax returns, filing your schedule C and even bringing your accounting up to date. Our services will allow you to keep your business books in order throughout the year. We can help you be confident when it comes time to file your Utah & Federal taxes. With the help of our tax professionals, you'll be free to focus your attention on what you do best, your business.

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Tax Planning Services

High-net-worth individuals such as Utah business owners often seek our assistance and services to help plan for and reduce their tax burden. Our professionals in Salt Lake City can ensure you comply with the various income tax filing requirements while coordinating a financial strategy that will impact your bottom line. As things change in your life and finances we can adjust your tax planning to match.

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