Guide to Threatening IRS Notices and Letters

Don't trash those ugly IRS letters in Utah until you watch this short instructional video on the differences between each of the most important IRS notices and letters. Call Utah tax lawyer, Jordan Wilcox, at 801-657-5951 to protect your valuable IRS rights.

IRS collection letters all look about the same to the unwary Utah taxpayer: scary. Utah tax attorney, Jordan Wilcox, takes the guesswork out of these IRS scare tactics and walks you step by step through the ones that matter most. Some IRS letters carry your only rights to due process, (or a hearing) before the IRS can lift money directly from your bank account or paycheck. Once those rights are gone, they're gone. You need a licensed, local Utah lawyer to invoke those rights for you. Watch this short instructional video now to find out which letters you can trash and which ones you better open now! Don't disregard any IRS letter until you do.

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