How to Stop Your IRS Wage Garnishment?

For a single person with no dependents, you can expect the IRS to leave you with about $350 per pay period! Your boss’s hands are tied. They MUST send your money to the IRS or THEY get hammered. Your boss needs an IRS levy release to stop it. How do you get one?

You must have all unfiled returns prepared. My office does tax return preparation quickly and accurately. The IRS may have already filed funky numbers for you. Tax prep is going to cut the funky numbers, maybe down to nothing, especially if you have had taxes withheld along the way.

You must be ready to make a quick request for a collection alternative. This is a request for reduction by compromise, a payment plan, uncollectable status or bankruptcy. These are all covered in detail on my website

Be ready to give the fax and phone number for the person in your HR department who handles garnishments and levys. This makes it easier to get that levy release in your boss’s hands before more bad things happen.

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